Friday, March 24, 2006

New Sites!

I know it has been a bit since I posted a weekly update. I am really sorry. Between my trip out of town and the ear infection, it has been difficult just keeping up! I do have new stories to post that were authored by Indica, Bennett, and Emma. I promise I will get them up by next Friday (which, by the way, is a teacher work school for the students). Anyway, I will give you a quick update as to what we are doing and where on the web you can find fun and educational activities for your child.

We have begun working on time. In second grade the students are required to learn how to tell time at 5 minute intervals. Visit Clock Wise for practice with this skill.

As you know we have been using a new phonics program this year called Fundations. Some of the rules we have learned can be found on the Starfall website. We really like the video that talks about the double vowel rule! There are a variety of activities that will accommodate a variety of learners. Have fun checking it all out!

I am extremely proud of all the hard work that has gone on to learn the math facts! This is a skill that must be practiced often to keep the skills sharp. Visit Math Mastery to race against the clock while practicing these facts.


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