Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Get Ready to Write

Hi, guys! Today is the last day that Miss Ainslie and I have to work so tomorrow is finally our first official day of Summer Vacation. The room is so bare and quiet without all of you to cheer it up. It looks like we are in for some nasty weather the next few days as Tropical Storm Alberto approaches. Put some of those writing skills to work and write about what you do to entertain yourself during the storm. Post your writing on the blog so we can all read it. Stay dry!

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Kristin said...

As I lazily rolled over in bed, I noticed that the television was on and already turned to the Weather Channel. It did not take long for the weather report to show that Tropical Depression Alberto would be visiting us today. Although the weather outside was rainy, I decided that I would force myself out of bed and go to Jazzercise. After working up a sweat, I came back home and found that Mr. D.M. had gone to the deli and brought me back one of my favorite breakfast foods. A bagel with tomato, bacon, and cheese. Yum! Even though there was plenty of housework to be done, I settled back into bed and read a few pages in the book I am reading. The next thing I knew, I was waking up from a mid-morning nap. It felt wonderful to be lazy for a change. The weather outside was still rather windy and rainy so I decided to watch a movie. It was a remake of an old film called "Yours, Mine & Ours". It was quite a bit different than the original, but still entertaining. To bring the afternoon to an official close, I decided to check out the blog and write about how I spent my lovely, lazy day. Sometimes a bit of nasty weather is just what everyone needs.