Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fishing by Caitlyn

Yesterday I went on the Miss Hatteras. I caught a big yellow fin tuna. The rest of the people caught Spanish mackerel and bluefish. Everybody was jealous because I caught the biggest fish and they didn’t. I reeled it in all by myself. My mom caught the biggest Spanish mackerel. I fished with Tommy and my friend. She caught the biggest bluefish. It flopped in her hands. Then I picked it up and it flopped in my hands too. But I didn’t drop it like she did. Jasmine was jealous because I didn’t drop it like she did. Jasmine is fourteen and that wasn’t her first time catching a fish. She touches fish all the time. She drops them and they land on her feet. Then I dropped it on my feet. Good thing I was wearing tennis shoes. But, she was wearing flip flops. Her feet were all slimy. She thought that was hideous. I thought that was cool. She got mad at me. She chased me around the boat. After she chased me I got a sip of root beer. Jasmine had Sprite and my mom had water. Tommy had Diet Coke.

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