Thursday, January 19, 2012

HOMEWORK 1-19-12

In science we have been learning about forces.  We have explored how a force can be gentle or strong and the effects of each (ask your child about moving the ping pong ball off the cup).  We have made objects move using a push or a pull and have made objects move by directly touching the object as well as make them move by using an unseen force.

To complete tonight's task, you will first sort pictures to determine whether each shows a push or a pull. Look at each picture and decide whether it is a push or a pull.  Drag the picture to the correct section of the box and check your work.

Next, go to Pushes and Pulls.  Follow the instructions at the top of the activity box.  You will be asked to do specific things and see the results.

COMMENT BOX:  Make something in your house move.  Did you use a push or a pull?  Did you use a gentle force or a strong force?  Write about what you moved and HOW you moved it using the words like push, pull, and force.  I can't wait to see what you do!


Anonymous said...

I moved the mouse by flicking it softly. It was a soft push. Little bit of force.

Anonymous said...

Malia Speedy

I pushed my brothers toy dart across our desk. It took a soft force.

Anonymous said...

I made the mouse move. I used a soft push.

Anonymous said...

Blake Cabral - I pushed a metal bin with my head, and it flipped over. I used a hard push.

Anonymous said...

I took an empty water bottle and set it right side up. When I blew on it (a push), it fell over. Next, I got a full water bottle and set it right side up. When I blew on it, it did not move at all.

Lily Ratliff

Anonymous said...

Chloe Flythe said that when I feed the cats, I have to pull up their food bin off the floor. When it is full, I have to use a strong force. When it is not very full, then I can pull it up gently.

Trafford Hill said...

Trafford took a small piece of paper & placed a straw on the paper. He then sucked the air through the straw which held the paper. He said he "pulled" the air through the straw & used "strong" force. :)

Anonymous said...

Maleia Quidley

I moved a suitcase with wheeles. I gave it a push in front of me with gentle force.

Anonymous said...


(fyi-the first push and pull activity, you drag, and when you check your work, it lies, and moves some to the wrong column)

I gently pushed my batcave with my foot. I just kicked a ball hard. I pulled my sisters green alligator around the house very fast.

wilsonme said...

Addyson: started out by "gently" blowing a marker, which is a gentle push. It didn't move so she blew with "more force" and it moved. Then, she flicked it like Miss Kristin told us to do with a golf ball in class and it went far fast!
Then to demostrate a pull, she used Ashby's Woody doll (from Toy Story)! It has a pull string that makes him talk. First, she pulled gently, he didn't talk. So, she pulled with more "force" to make him talk!
(Then she gave him back to Ashby so he wouldn't cry any more!!)

Anonymous said...

I made a toy car move.It was a push. I used a hard force.


Anonymous said...

Eathen and I tied a piece of yarn to a small stuffed animal and then pushed it across the table with hard force so it would dangle off the other side then pulled it back on with gentle force. Then did it with a full water battle and pushed with hard force and pulled it back up with hard force. Then had him use the vacuum and asked how he was moving it and he said first I have to push it with hard force then I pull it back to me with hard force.

Maximus said...

maximus white - Max pushed a piece of paper on the table but not with his hands. He blew the paper and it did not take very much force.

Anonymous said...

Kirra Dawson,
We used 2 cars: The Barbie Car and the Polly Pocket Car, and we made a ramp with a large thick poster board. We let both cars go down the ramp with the ramp at 3 different height levels. One ramp was steep, one was medium, and one was a low ramp. We first discussed the forces of gravity on the speed of the cars and how the cars go faster the steeper the ramp is. Then we talked about how the cars go even faster if we push the car down the hill rather than just letting it go. We compared the speeds by pushing one car, while the other car was just let go.

Anonymous said...

I have used lots of pull power to move my dog Zoey. While she had a rope in her mouth, it took all of the strength I had to do move her towards me.


Anonymous said...


I pushed my perfume bottle across the floor it took a little force.

Anonymous said...

Donovan Rickert

I pushed a pencil across the table using gentle force. I used my finger to push the pencil.

Anonymous said...

Tyler Hissey

We pushed the stool across the kitchen floor. This took a strong force.

We then pulled the same stool across the floor. This again took a strong force.

We pushed the door shut. This took a gentle force.

We pulled the door open. It still took a gentle force but more force than pushing shut.

We pushed and pulled the vacuum. It took a strong force.

We pushed a nerf ball across the floor. This took a gentle force.

Kristin said...

Sorry if there are/were issues with the push/pull sorting activity. I did it myself before linking to it and it worked.

I am very impressed by the inventive ways you moved things at your homes! Excellent use of the words 'push', 'pull', and 'force'!