Tuesday, March 19, 2013

HOMEWORK 3-19-13

We are concluding our study of maps this week.  We have looked at many maps and what we find on maps. 

Tonight, have fun playing one of the following games:

Copycat Geography
In this game, continents flash in a pattern and students copy the order.  Enhance the game by asking your child to name the continent each time it flashes.  Afterwards, have your child identify the continents on this map of the world.

United States
Put each state on the United States map.

In addition to the map games, do 2 Education City activities of your choice.  Please do not play games you typically play.

COMMENT BOX:  What two games did you play on Education City?


Anonymous said...

dancing robot 100%
hu-la-la 100%

Anonymous said...

I played Space Adventure and Captain's Log.

Abby O.

Anonymous said...

Smooth Shoppers 100%
Wakey'Wakey 100%

Anonymous said...

prince charming
swimmer river

Anonymous said...

Summer River 100%
Smelly Socks 100%