Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Birthday by Jasmine

This is my birthday party. They are my friends. All the people are my
best friends. I have many more friends though. My birthday was the 23 of August. The party was at my home. My party was in butterflies. My mom’s friend let us use one of their tents. We had one, too. Ours is blue. Theirs was green and white.

When I got there I played with one toy I got for my birthday. It was two of my Barbies. There was a little one and a big one. It was a school set. I like it. It is fun.

I like all my other presents. I had a lot of presents. I like my outfit that I wore yesterday. My Uncle Dale and his girlfriend got me that. The top was blue the bottom was brown. I had a bet it was brown. It had flowers. The flowers were all different colors like purple and pink. It was very beautiful. There were squiggles. The squiggles were a light brown.

There were a lot of people. Some were in my family. Four of them came except the two that live with me and my sisters, Julie and Jackie. My cake was chocolate. The icing was vanilla. The cake was good. I had ice cream. The ice cream was chocolate and vanilla and strawberry. The ice cream was good. Very good. I think everyone liked it. All the chocolate ice cream was all gone. The strawberry was almost gone. The vanilla was not gone but it was almost gone. I liked all the ice cream, but I just had chocolate.

I had three kinds of drink. One was green and one was orange and one was red. The drink was very good. I only had the green one. My mom and I went to Dollar Tree and when you walked in the drink was right there. The cake was from Food Lion up in Avon. I like the drink. I think that everyone liked the drink. All of the green was gone.

My cousin came. She did not play with us that much because none of my friends would pass my big beach ball.

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