Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Pool by Ethan

I got a new pool. I like to dive off the diving board. Sometimes I do flips off the diving board. I really like to hold on to the diving board and hang so half of my body is in the water.

My mom ordered it. I like it a lot. It is ten feet deep. It is the most fun ten foot pool ever. One time I did five summersaults in a row.

It was really awesome. Anthony and Hannah had a
competition. It was so cool. Anthony started to win but then Hannah won and Anthony said, “I want a rematch.” Hannah said, “OK.” I was going say the same thing. I had a plan! I'm going to put so much soap inside the pool and then I'm going to mix it up with the wheel pumper. It was a really good idea.
Anthony won! At last it’s a tie I said.

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