Saturday, April 14, 2012

Special "SHOUT OUT"

I was just checking out the XtraMath data that was emailed to me and wanted to recognize Eathen for working on his fast facts during Spring Break!  Way to go, Eathen!!!  I know both 1st grades follow this blog.  I have no way of accessing Mrs. Kee's XtraMath account.  If you are in her class and have worked on XtraMath during break, we are proud of you, too!

School resumes Monday.  Remember to have your moon logs up to date.  I hope you looked at the sky last night.  I could not see the moon, but the stars were utterly amazing!  Does anyone know why I didn't see the moon?  Post your predictions in the COMMENT BOX for discussion when we get back to school. 
HINT:  There wasn't a cloud in the sky.


Anonymous said...

Kaleb L. did the greater, lesser, or equal to game and the fridge magnet game over the break. He has also done a couple of math worksheets. We cant access his XtraMath because we need the login information. Thanks.

Kristin said...

To access XtraMath from home, you will need to enter your teacher's email (Mrs. Kee: OR Ms. Kristin:, then you will need to use the number you use in class to get into XtraMath. :)