Wednesday, April 25, 2012

HOMEWORK 4-25-12

Calling all first grade poets!  We have been learning about acrostic poems and writing them to celebrate Poetry Month.  Tonight, you get a chance to create an acrostic poem on any topic you choose.  After composing the poem using the acrostic poem maker, you can either post it in the COMMENT BOX or print it out and bring it to school.  We will share the poems in class.

Do you want to enjoy some other student-authored poems?  Check out poems written by students that are presently in sixth grade at CHSSCS!  Can you guess the topic of these acrostic poems?

Remember:  Cool Cats Poetry Reading is Thursday night from 5:30-6:30.  Come to do some poetry activities, share your own poems, listen to original poetry, and enjoy light refreshments!  Open mic poetry night ROCKS!


Anonymous said...

Chloe wrote about flowers

full of colors
likes water
opens wide when it blooms
wild flowers grow in the woods
every day it grows
roses are my favorite
smells good

Anonymous said...

Wands have powers Intelligent
Really weird
Dangerous with evil potions
Spells are magic


Anonymous said...

Like hugs and kisses
On all the time
Very wonderful
Extra special feeling

Malia Speedy

Anonymous said...

Love and kisses
Opens my heart with love
Valentine hugs
Especially Miss Kristin

Anonymous said...

Sharks by Donovan

Swim in the ocean
Attack people
Razor sharp teeth
Keeps swimming
Some are small