Friday, April 25, 2008

RAIN Acrostic Poems

Rainbow after the rain
A bigger puddle
I do not like the rain
Not so excited
~ Caroline P.

Round and fat
I don't care about rain
Not good at aiming into a water bottle
~ Krystle

Always boring
In the way of the day
Not bad for plants
~ Maddie

Rain is very cool to study
And rain tastes very good
It helps the flowers grow
Never get to go outside when it rains
~ Caroline G.

Really rainy
As awesome as a shark
Not much fun
~ Cam

Rapid water
A very strong thing
It falls from the sky
Not big
~ Jacob

Really boring
And wet
It helps plants grow
Nothing can defeat rain
~ Kameron

Rushes to the ground
All of the raindrops go the same way
It is made by water vapor
Never hits very hard
~ Chris

Really wet
Awesome after rain
It ruins my day
Never go outside in a rain storm
~ Shae

Ruins the day
As bad as a shock of lightning
It does help plants though
Never colorful
~ Jasmine

Runs down a hill when it hits the ground
As smooth as a bed
It is cold
Not pretty
~ Nathaniel

Rough when falls
Always wet
It makes mud
Never dry when it falls from the sky
~ Icy

Rivers roar
All living things need it
It rains for flowers
New plants drink it
~ Ethan

Real wet
And cold
It is a good thing
No animal will live without water because it helps the animal
~ James

Racket in the house
All the time bugs are on your skin
It's always gloomy
Not cool because it's wet and you can't play
~ Kayleeann

Really cool
I like to play in it
Not so cool
~ Carley

Rainbows come
April showers bring May flowers
I like to hear the sounds
Nice and refreshing
~ Tyler

Really wet and cold
A bad time to play outside
It makes puddles
Not a nice day
~ Hannah

Rain and sun make a rainbow
Always comes from clouds
It can sometimes be very loud
Not very fun because you can't go outside to play
~ Savannah

Ruins my day
A bad time of the week
It makes me real sad
No fun outside
~ Kendall

Rain is cold
Always makes rainbows
It will make ice
Needs water in the desert
~ Damon

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a Check Plus!
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