Friday, December 02, 2011

Where's Frosty? Day 1

Frosty was quite mischievous on Thursday!  Tyler found him in our box of linking cubes!  After finding him, we took his picture and then wrote a class piece on PowerPoint to explain where he was and what he must have been doing in that box.  The class decided that he was building a "big, colorful tower" so he could escape.  Later, each student illustrated his own picture and wrote his own piece to show where we found Frosty and explain what he was doing.  Most of the class thought he was trying to hide from me!  Right before dismissal we received an email from Frosty!  It was EXCITING!!!  Check it out!!!

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Anonymous said...

i was excitee to find FROSTY! we have one just like that! I hope mine moves just like yours. i named it Frosty to because yours was named that. Ms.Kristin that was what maleia quidley says oh and happy holiday