Thursday, February 02, 2012


HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!   Today in class we read about Groundhog Day and predicted what would happen when Punxsutawney Phil came out of his burrow.  Did your child's prediction come true?

We are learning how to tell time.  We are learning about the analog clock (the one with the face and hands) and how time is shown on this type of clock.  We are beginning with time to the hour, but will progress to telling time to the half hour on both analog and digital clocks.

We are trying something new for tonight's homework.  We are assigning two different tasks.  To see which assignment your child is to do, look at the top of the telling time worksheet.  If there is a purple dot, do the purple assignment.  If there is a blue dot, do the blue assignment.  If you would like to have your child do both, that is fine, but ONLY the assigned work is required.   THIS WEEK, COMMENT BOX ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE CHECKED BY THE TEACHER, BUT WILL NOT BE RELEASED FOR PUBLIC VIEWING. 

PURPLE:   Go to Telling Time.  Read and review the information on the site with your child.  Have your child record the time on the clocks and post them in the COMMENT BOX.  When looking at clocks, clock #1 would be the clock on the left in the first set and clock #2 would be on the right.  In the next set, clock #3 would be on the left and #4 would be on the right.  Follow this procedure to number each clock.  After that, play Telling Time Game.  You may also like Clock Shoot.  If you want to, you may do the blue activities also. 

BLUE:    Go to Clock Shoot.  Play as many levels as you can.  Then, go to TIME QUIZ.  Have a grown up help you make sure you are Level 1 (look on the left side of the screen).  If you score 8 or better on this quiz, try Level 2.  COMMENT BOX:  Record your best scores from Level 1 and Level 2 in the box.  Please be honest.  YOUR COMMENTS WILL NOT SHOW.  ONLY I WILL SEE THEM. 

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