Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quest for the Calabash

THIS IS NOT HOMEWORK!!!  For 2-22-12 homework, scroll down.

During our study of Africa, we went on a Quest for the Calabash with Anansi the Spider.  Some of the children wanted to show their families, so I thought I would send you the link.  Have fun on the quest!

Africa for Kids is another PBS site that will help your child learn more about the continent of Africa.  How are our cultures alike and different?

Read some African tales with your child.  To get to them, go to Whootie Owl's Stories to Grow By.  Beneath the owl, click on Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World.  Follow the instructions on the search page to search for stories from the African continent.  See if they are similar to other stories you have heard. On the Whootie home page you can also go to the section for audio stories and find two other African tales; you can print them out and have your child follow along during the audio reading.

If you check out any of these sites, leave a comment so we know what you liked!

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wilsonme said...

We could figure out what to do with the first link, The Search for Calabash. So, we went to Africa for kids and read the Swahili folktale, Three Choices. We liked it! We didn't guess all of the right answers but it was fun!