Thursday, March 01, 2012


Tonight you get to be an author!  We have worked on writing descriptions in class about pictures.  We have talked about what makes a piece of writing good.  Here are some of the qualities we have discussed:

*  We liked the descriptions that were like stories because they were entertaining to hear.
*  We liked the stories that described what was happening because we could picture the scene in our heads based on the words.  The describing words let us picture the colors and sizes.  We also liked when someone compared one object to something else (The snowman's cheeks were as red as roses.).

We have also talked about how important it is to tap out words we need to spell and to spell our "trick words" correctly.  We need to use correct punctuation so the audience knows how to read it.  We need to use capitalization properly, as well. 

Your task tonight is to write for ten minutes about ONE of the pictures shown below.  You can either type it in the COMMENT BOX or bring it in on a sheet of paper.  You can time yourself for ten minutes using the timer we use in class (use the 'count down' option and select 10 minutes) or a timer you have at home.  When the timer goes off, you may either stop writing where you are or continue writing more.  Keep in mind the pointers discussed above. 


Anonymous said...

Donovan Rickert

There is a girl and a boy and they are making a pizza. They are putting green peppers, cheese, and onions on the pizza.The sauce goes on first and it is red like a rose. They're chef hats look like white fluffy clouds.They are wearing aprons for cooking.

Trafford Hill said...

The 2 kids are standing in the rain with umbrellas. Why is the other kid standing in the rain without an umdrella?

Anonymous said...

Tyler Hissey
Three kids are playing in the rain. Two kids have an umbrella and one kid does not. The boy that is shorter looks like he is cold because he has his arms close to his body. The little girl is looking at the boys and she looks like she wants an umbrella because she is holding her hands on her head. It looks like it is raining very hard. They boys look like they are wet even though they have umbrellas.

Anonymous said...

It was a cold, wet day. Three, small children were outside holding there unbrellus.They stomped in puddels all afternoon.
The kids were FREESING!The next day the sun was shining,the kids were smiling and the children were ready to play.


Anonymous said...

It looks like it was spring time because of the nice green grass and it was raining. Two boys have a red umbrella one little boy had on tennis shoes on his feet and the little girl and the other boy didn't. The little girl had on a red dress with a white stripe in the middle, and the little boys only had on shorts and shoes. -Gavin

Anonymous said...

It looked like it was very hot and
there was alot of sand. There was a
giant play set.There were kids in a line and kids swinging on monky bares.There was gren trees with ponty tops. I saw foot prints in the sand. The sand was as brown as
chicken feathrs.

Anonymous said...

The two boys have blue water shorts and a girl with a pink dress and white bow. The girl had her hands on top of her head and she had blond curley hair. The two brothers had red and white umbrellas. It looked like when the ocean comes up and pours water on you. The grass had little rain drops.
From Lily R.

Anonymous said...

Two girls are making a pizza. On their pizza they have many things, such as cheese, avocado, green peppers. They are wearing big white chief hats, a white cooking apron, and both have brown hair. The older little girl has glasses and a green stripped shirt on. The younger girl has no glasses, and pink shirt on. The kitchen they are cooking in is orange, with wood cabinets.