Wednesday, March 21, 2012

HOMEWORK 3-22-12

Our focus continues to be on geometric solids. We count the edges, vertices, and faces.  You can watch a 3D shape video with your child.  It is the 2nd video from the top (do not count the ad for IXL).  First graders only need to know the cube, rectangular prism, cone, sphere, and cylinder.  Other shapes are presented, but those are not requirements in the first grade curriculum.  However, this is a great opportunity to extend learning.  If your child is having trouble naming the shapes, the top video presents a song that gives many examples of 3D shapes. 

We have also built them in class using 'nets'.  Nets are flat, but when folded, form a geometric solid.  You can do this at home by clicking on the link, printing out the net, and folding it into the shape.  Before folding, have your child look at the shapes that make up the net and guess what shape it is going to be.  Ask why s/he thinks that way, then fold.
rectangular prism

For homework, play Count Edges, Vertices, and Faces on IXL.  Remember that time on IXL is limited.  Even if your child is presented with an unknown shape, s/he should be able to identify edges, vertices, and faces.

COMMENT BOX:   Find a cylinder in your home.  Tell how many faces, edges, and vertices.


Anonymous said...


faces - 2
vertices - 0
edges - 2

Anonymous said...

Malia Speedy

A cylinder has 2 faces, 0 corners and 0 vertices.

My cylinder was a tube of beads.

Anonymous said...


faces - 3
edges - 2
vertices - 0

Anonymous said...

Tyler Hissey

A candle
2 faces
2 edges
0 vertices

Anonymous said...


2 - Faces
0 - Edges
0 - Vertices

Anonymous said...

Lily Completed the online home work and is cutting out shapes.

Anonymous said...

Chloe chose a cylinder shaped orange plastic tool kit.

Edges 0
Vertices 0
Faces 2

Anonymous said...

Cylinder: Slinky

Faces: 2

Edges: 0

Vertices: 0


Anonymous said...


faces 2
edges 2
vertices 0

Anonymous said...

Gavin- Gatorade mix container
Ansley- Peanut Butter Jar
Faces 2
Edges 0
Vertex 0