Thursday, March 08, 2012


We are exploring geometric solids in first grade!  Geometric solids are cones, cubes, rectangular prisms, pyramids, cylinders, and spheres.  You can see an example of each by going to the Harcourt Math Glossary and using the word list on the left side to look at each shape.  We are comparing these shapes to plane figures and also identifying where these shapes appear in our environment.  We will be learning the definitions for face, edge, and vertex/vertices (corner/corners) and counting the number on each.  We will identify which solids roll and which stack.

We use this poem to help us remember our geometric solids (as well as build reading fluency):

3D shapes are fat not flat.
A cone is like a party hat.
A sphere is like a bouncy ball.
A prism is like a building tall.
A cylinder is like a can of pop.
A cube is like the dice you drop.
3D shapes are here and there.
3D shapes are everywhere!

Tonight, you need to play Geometry of Everyday Objects.  This is on the IXL site, so your use of the game is limited daily.  If you are doing homework with more than one first grader, you will need to have them work on it together so each gets an opportunity to play.  IXL is an awesome site; I suggest you explore the wide variety of games they offer (especially on days/nights when there is no online homework).
COMMENT BOX ASSIGNMENT:  It's time for a shape hunt!  Look around your home environment.  Find at least one example of a cone, cube, rectangular prism, sphere, and cylinder.  List your items in the comment box.  Be sure to include your name.


Anonymous said...

cone - ice cream cone
cube - metal box
rectangular prism - wii console
sphere - rubber snow globe ball
cylinder - cans of lemonade mix

Anonymous said...


party hat
fish tank
veggie can

Anonymous said...

Malia Speedy:
cube=bag balm container
retangular prism=card container
sphere=magnetic marble
cylinder=jar of hot cherry peppers

wilsonme said...

Addyson: If you take a water bottle and look on the bottom of it is a cylinder.
A book is a rectangular prism.
A cone-shaped object is the lead of a pencil.
An orange is a sphere-shape.
A tissue box is a cube-shape.

Anonymous said...

kai cone lego cone cube-lego block ,rectaangular prism-treasur chest,sphere-base ball,cylander-duct tape

Anonymous said...

I found a cube-frog tank. I found
a cylinder-tomatoe can. Ifound a
sphere-baseball. I found acone-
megaphone. I found a rectangular
prism-box of spaghetti.

Anonymous said...


sphere - balloon
rectangular prism - my moms perfume
cone - sports banner
cube - pool table chalk
cylinder - flashlight

Anonymous said...


Cone - Lampshade
Rectangular Prism - Door
Cylinder - candle
Sphere - Ball
Cube - Dice

Anonymous said...

cone- play microphone
cube- cube foot stools
sphere - basketball
rectangular prism - Eryn's lunchbox
cylinder - cup


Anonymous said...

Chloe Flythe identified the following geometric solids in our home:

cone - kitchen funnel
cube - camera box
rectangular prism - shoe box
cylinder - candle on table
sphere - basketball

Anonymous said...

Cube--memo cube

Rectangular prism--suitcase

Cone--a ice cream shaped cup

Anonymous said...

Cone--ice cream shaped

Rectangular Prism--macaroni and cheese box

Cube--memo cube

Sphere--Door knob



Trafford Hill said...

Trafford found a juice box (rectangular prism); rubic's cube (cube); cup (cylinder); red/blue/yellow cones from reading night (cone); ball (sphere). Hope this is right!!!

Anonymous said...

Sophie and Jamie:

Cube: drawer, dice

Rectangular Prism: refrigerator, speaker, TV, cabinets, bookshelf, deck of cards

Sphere: ball, pearls

Cylinder: water bottle (big), container of wipes, toilet paper roll

Cone: strainer, pastry tip

Anonymous said...


Cone- party hat
Cube- dice
rectangular prism- tissue box
sphere- basketball
cylinder- perfume bottle

Anonymous said...

Tyler Hissey

cone: party hat
cube: ice cube
rectangular prism: took box
sphere: basketball
cylinder: coffee can

Anonymous said...

Eathen found the following:

sphere - ball
rectangular prism – tissue box
cone – the cone shape chandler
cube – ice cube
cylinder – pringles chip can