Friday, January 27, 2006

Bennett's: Snowmen Are Everywhere

One cold winter day in Colorado I was making a snowman. I called him Brandon. He was round and big. Then my mom called me for dinner. At 9:30 I went to sleep. The next day my snowman was not the same. His eyes had fallen in the snow. His nose was beside his mouth. What happened to my snowman? Did a rabbit mess with it?
That night I snuck out of my house to see what my snowman was up to. I was in a tree looking at my snowman. I saw my snowman in the football field. He was the quarterback. His team was the Panthers. The score was 50 to 50. There were 20 seconds left! Brandon threw the ball. Touchdown!
After the game he went snowboarding. He was at Mt. Icy. It was a steep hill. He sped down. He was going really fast! Then he fell in the Candy Cane Forest. There were candy canes everywhere. You could lick the trees. It also had a pond. He was afraid of the raccoons. Then someone threw a snowball at them. It was war! There were too many of them so Brandon ran into the Holly Jolly Woods. He heard a snap. It was a raccoon! Then he burst into speed down town.
He was really starving so he went to Joe’s Pizza. He ordered a frozen pizza because hot pizza would melt him. He had fries with it. He said it was delicious. Then he had some pudding. It tasted fabulous. Then he went home.
The next morning it was warmer. The birds were singing and my snowman had melted.

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Miss Kristin said...

I really like how you had your snowman eat frozen pizza. That was very creative.