Friday, January 27, 2006

Emma's: Snowmen at Night

One cold winter night I was in my warm bed at my nanny’s house watching movies or playing my Game Boy SP. Then I caught a flash of movement outside. Next I got out of my bed. I ran to the window to see what it was. It was snowmen moving! I followed them down to the park very quietly.
There were snowmen jamming out down at the park. “They are having fun!” I said to myself. I could not believe my eyes! There were snowmen having rolling races. In rolling races you have to roll. Of course my boy snowman, Drake, won first place. My girl snowman, Mary, won second place. I clapped for them. I was excited.
Then the snowball fights began. The snowball fights were long plus they were fun. The snowmen saw me spying on them. I joined the fight. The two snowmen against me. We all had a great time together. Then the snowmen asked if I wanted to go skiing with them after we sat down.
After resting we went skiing. I fell down a few times. I just got up and tried again. The snowmen and I had a great time. All three of us held hands and skied all together. Then we let go of each other’s hands.
Then the snowmen and I walked back to my nanny’s house. I went inside. The snowmen stopped out in the front yard. I got in the bed and went to sleep.


Miss Kristin said...

You did a wonderful job on your story. I especially like the words you used in the beginning. The "flash of movement" sentence is awesome.

Paloma said...

good story.