Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jan. 30-Feb. 3

This week we are learning about fractions in math. We are learning about equal and not equal parts as well as learning how to write fractions. One site where students can practice is Harcourt. Children can also practice fractions with circles by clicking the highlighted text. Please keep practicing those math facts. :0)

Last week we were fortunate to have Valentina's mom help introduce this week's story to us. The story is called Fernando's Gift. The story contains text in both English and Spanish and relates the tale of a boy who gives an amazing, long-lasting gift to a friend. Some of the students are honing their research skills by using the ZOOM Rainforest site to discover information about the rainforest. This early introduction to research will help with other projects this year as well as future endeavors.

In science we are learning about matter. By Friday we will have conducted lessons that develop the concepts of liquids and solids. Our first lesson taught us that solids do not change when they are moved from place to place and that they do not change to fill up the container that they are in.

Have a super rest of the week. K

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