Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Josh's: What Snowmen Do At Night

One shivery day in Canada I was in my bed barely asleep. I looked out my window and my red-scarfed snowman with with black buttons and a black hat was getting off the front lawn and sliding to the park.
First my snowman was at the park to race. The race was awesome! It had 20 snowmen. They lined up and they had the race. There was a snowman that had a watermelon for a head. My snowman won!
Then they went to ice skate. They sang some beautiful carols. Then they did some radical tricks. They did back flips and front flips.
Later they snowboarded. There were 30 snowmen lined up and ready to race in the snowboard competitions. First Zack won. Bennett made him. Then another snowman won. His name was Billy. Kyle made him. Then my snowman won first place.
They finished snowboarding and they started to sleigh in one big race. It was the last race. It was the championships. They lined up and my snowman won! The other guy tripped and that’s how mine won.
After that we went back home and it was six o’clock in the morning! So, I went to sleep and so did the snowman.


Laurie said...

I am so proud of you! What a creative and fun story to read. I love you and can't wait to read another! Mom

Miss Kristin said...

I am really happy with your final copy. You worked hard and it shows!

Paloma said...

good job!