Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hurray for the 100th Day!

It's finally here! The 100th DAY OF SCHOOL! To begin the day, the students had to write journal entries pretending that they were 100 years old and describing a day in their lives. Completing that task earned 10 points. After earning the 10 journal points, the students had the opportunity to earn 90 more points by finishing a variety of centers. The students could complete 100 piece puzzles, make a graph of the gumballs we had collected from the first day of school, search for 100 items buried in a box filled with pattern blocks, and many more! Many students chose to wear 100 items. On display here is Kyle's illustration of what he thinks he will look like when he is 100. The 100th day was wonderful!

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Miss Kristin said...

Still handsome at 100!