Friday, February 24, 2006

Ian's Squiggle Story

Ahh! I was in a crack! I did not know what to do! I was tightly in the crack! First I put my right hand then right foot. After that, the other hand and foot. Eventually I got out of the dark, scary crack. Then I tumbled down the mountain. After that I started to think. I kept thinking and thinking of what to do. Then I got an idea of what to do. I would roll down the small mountain. But how would I get up the mountain? The back? The front? The side? Yes! All I wanted to do was have fun. So, I climbed up the side of the mountain and rolled right down and layed on the grass and did nothing. I did nothing for hours and hours. Then I rolled over and did that for an hour. The last minute I was there I layed on the nice, wet grass and did nothing. Nothing.

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Miss Kristin said...

You are becoming quite an author! Super job, Ian!