Friday, February 24, 2006

Squiggle Stories

Our newest writing endeavor has been using Squiggle Stories to create stories that can be edited, revised, and published as final copies. A Squiggle Story is a super way to get your child to write. Simply draw a "squiggle" on a sheet of paper and have the child create a complete, colorful picture inspired by the squiggle. After that have the child use the picture s/he has created to write a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end. Encourage him/her to use descriptive words and phrases. Once the story is done, have the child use the following steps to help edit the work:

1. Point and read each word ALOUD. Can you change any words to make the story better? Does it make sense?

2. Check for capitals and end marks.

3. Use the tapping that we have learned from Fundations to tap the words.

4. Think about the Fundations trick words. Correct as many as you can.

In class we used this method to create Squiggle Stories. We also used Author's Chair to help expand each story. To do this, an author sat in the rocking chair and read his/her story. First we gave each author a bunch of compliments. After that, the author read the story again. At that point, we provided the author with suggestions using kind words. Finally, the author had time to revise the work and then share it again in the Author's Chair. The writing progress the students are making is incredible!!! Please enjoy reading and commenting on our stories. :-)

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