Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Paloma's: Snowman at Night

One cold day Bailey and I had three balls of snow. I made a snowman. My snowman was done. She had leaf hair, a gumdrop mouth, and icing eyes. Bailey said she would sleep over. She had packed her clothes.
That night my snowman went to a party. The party looked cool. It had punch. Then my snowman went in the pond. It looked like it would freeze my snowman to death, but it didn’t because she was made of snow. I woke up Bailey to show her my snowman. She was shocked. Bailey tumbled. I had to get her a bag of ice. I felt something with leafy hair, icing eyes, and a gumdrop mouth. It was my snowman! She said, “Can I go upstairs with you?”
“Okay. I will be there in a minute. Go upstairs. My room is the first one. Be quiet. My mom and dad are sleeping.”
I skipped to my room as fast as I could go.
Then that next day it was so hot. I was soaked with water. My snowman was gone. It melted. She was not the same at all. All that was left was her nose and her hat.


Paloma said...
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Paloma said...

Paloma I LOVED your story! You have a great imagination I love you and am very proud of you. Mommy

Miss Kristin said...

You worked hard and did a super job revising your work! Like your mom, I am proud of you!

GranAnne said...

I was so excited to read Paloma's story. She has really learned a lot this year.
I am going to go build a snowman now! Gran Anne

Paloma said...

Paloma your story was full of adventure and excitement! I can picture your snowman in my mind by the way you described her.You had alot of detail and very good imagination! I Loved your story and was very proud of your writting abilities. You can only get better with time and more practice. Great Job. Your Maw-Maw.

Daddy said...

Paloma, I am SO proud of YOU. Your story is so good!!! I'll bet that your snowman was very cute with a gumdrop mouth and icing eyes! What was it's name? Love Daddy :>)