Friday, February 24, 2006

Fuller's: The Crazy World of Snowmen

On a cold winter night not a critter was stirring except a jolly snowman named Ricky. Ricky was on e of the oddest snowmen you had ever seen. His ears were made of two cucumbers. His eyes were two pennies and his mouth was made of Laffy Taffy. His nose was an ordinary carrot. But the next morning he was not the same. His ears were not two cucumbers. His ears were two carrots and his mouth changed too.
Where was I? Last night when I was in bed I heard a song being played outside. By the sound of it I already knew the name. It was a song called “Can’t Touch This”. I couldn’t believe it. It was my favorite song! One snowman was doing my dance. First he waved his right arm and then he scooted to the left. Then he waved his left arm and scooted to the right. Then he did the moonwalk.
I crept downstairs and I knew it. They were having a dance-off. I was steaming mad! In fact, I was so mad steam came out of my ears. So far I had only shown that dance to my parents.
All of a sudden it all turned into a kung fu fight. This was the time to get my revenge. I kicked him. He fell down. I said, “Wow! That guy was a real push over.” Almost every snowman was mad except Ricky. He was jumping up and down hollering, “Hurray!” I did the same thing too. One of them besides Ricky was not dead. He just fell down and said, “You swing those legs like a mad man.” I broke his arm off. Quickly I ran inside. There was still one more snowman. Since I was so tired, slowly I got my Frisbee. Then I opened my window and I threw it at the back of his head and yelled, “It’s time to go to bed!”


Miss Kristin said...

Keep writing like this, Fuller, and I KNOW you will become an author/illustrator!!!

Georgia said...

Fuller, your story makes me laugh when I picture a snowman doing the moonwalk! I'm not crazy about the violence, but you know how mom is! What happened when you threw the Frisbee at the back of the snowman's head? Did he duck? I sure hope so!