Friday, February 24, 2006

Josh's Squiggle Story

First my mom was lying down on a towel getting tan. Meanwhile, I was running to go in the water. Then I paused. Next I saw this huge shark jump! I ran to my mom and told her all the details. She didn't believe me so I took my board. I ran to the shark and the shark ate half of it. The 15-foot black tip shark's tooth was wedged in my half-eaten boared. I showed my mom. Now she believed me. I showed my brother Thomas. Thomas was shocked by my dreadful story. I took the tooth out of the board and made it into a necklace. One time before I went to bed I noticed something. I felt part of my board in the tooth. I took the part of the board out and fell gently to sleep in my bed. I tried to shake off that horror of a day and I did.


Miss Kristin said...

I am really proud of the way you listened to suggestions made during Author's Chair and then changed your story! You are really producing some nice work!

Laurie said...

I am so proud of your creativity. Though I would believe you if you told me about the shark!! :-)
Love you bunches, Mom