Friday, January 27, 2006

Ian's: Snowman at Night

One winter night there was a snowman named Justin. He had a black hat and a scarf that was green and orange. He had sticks for hands. He was out in the yard of somebody’s house. I did not know the kid or the snowman either. When everybody was asleep, but me, the snowman was alive! Then he went to the airport. He bought a ticket to California. I did, too.
When we got to California Justin went to a hotel called Palm Inn. It was an extremely big room. It had a pretty big flat screen TV that was gray outside and black inside. There was a huge bed just for him. The room had a refrigerator full of snacks and sodas. Justin did not know what to do. “I will go get new clothes. But where? How about the mall? Yeah!”
He went to the mall and got some swimming trunks. Then some shirts. One of them was Quicksilver. The second one was Burton. The third one was Billabong. They were short sleeve. Then he got some shorts.
He did not know what to do again. “I will go to the warm sandy beach. Yeah!” So Justin went swimming in his black trunks with blue flames. He went in the deepest water in the ocean. Then he went surfing. He did a lot of tricks.
He was hungry so he went back to the hotel to get food. Afterwards he went to the park to skateboard. He did an ollie. It is when both sides of the board come up and you land. He did a kickflip. A kickflip is like an ollie except the board spins.
After he went skateboarding he got some really cold vanilla ice cream. When he was done I told him it was time to go so we got on the plane.
When we got home Justin melted because it was spring. I will never forget him.

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Miss Kristin said...

You really worked hard on this story and ended up with a super product. I love how the snowman you made closely resembles your written description.