Friday, January 27, 2006

Indica's: Snowmen in Colorado

One cold wintry night a snowman was made. The next day he was not the same at all. His eyes slipped. His nose drooped. His arms were crooked. He did not look the same. So I decided to camp out. I wanted to know what snowmen do at night.
When I was camping in my backyard I was amazed. I saw my snowman move! I’ll bet he’s been sledding and having fun playing and having snowball fights, too.
Suddenly I saw my snowman sledding. When he was sledding he was smashing into rocks. His sled was long. There were a lot of snowmen with him on it.
My snowman got hit in the head by a snowball. Another snowman threw it at him. He laughed and threw one back. All the snowmen got tired of snowball fights. One snowman said, “Who wants to play hockey?” Suddenly the ice started to break and then all the snowmen fell in the water. Then I saw my snowman sinking in the cold water so I helped my snowman out. I grabbed his arm and pulled him out and he said, “Thank you. We have to save the others.” So we helped the others out of the water.

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Miss Kristin said...

You and Miss Ainslie worked hard on this story. You did a nice job!