Monday, January 30, 2006

Valentine Box Instructions

DUE: Tuesday, February 14th

Each student is to create a Valentine box to collect valentine cards. To make the box, the student will need to read a story pertaining to a February theme (President’s Day, Valentines Day, Black History, Dental Health, Healthy Heart, Groundhog Day, the Olympics). To create the box, the front of the box should be decorated to depict the cover of the story, including the title, author, and illustrator. The next side should depict a scene from the beginning of the story. The back should depict a scene from the middle of the story. The remaining side should depict the end. The top should have a slot so valentines can be slid inside. On Valentines Day each student will retell the story to the class using the box as an aid. Words can be written on the box to assist with the retell, as well.

Have fun!

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