Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Find Frosty

We are embarking on a new adventure in December!  Each day we are going to FIND FROSTY!!!  Frosty will hide in our classroom each day.  We will hunt for him and then write about where we find him and what he is doing.  Each student will get a chance to photograph him and publish their own piece to let everyone know where Frosty has been!  We will compile all the pieces and present them using digital media (not sure whether we will use PowerPoint or Prezi).  We will keep everyone up to date by publishing on the blog as well!  I have not done this project before so I am eager to see how it works out!  I hope the students are as excited as I am!!

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Avery Kulak said...

Hi Ms.Kristen!!
I hope that the bridge to the mainland was
All patched up from the hurricane- I am very
Sorry about that. My fourth grade year has started
Tell anyone that I was friends with that I said Hi and
I miss you- Lauren, Chey. Talk to you later,
Avery Kulak