Thursday, November 17, 2011

HOMEWORK 11-17-11

This week we have learned the 3-2-1 strategy for examining expository text.  Expository text is
non-fiction and full of facts intended to teach the reader about a topic.  After reading a non-fiction text, we recall what we have learned using this strategy:

3 - Write 3 sentences.  Each one should tell something you learned.
2-  Write 2 sentences.  Each one should tell something you found interesting.
1-  Write 1 question.  What would you still like to know about the topic?

ASSIGNMENT:  Read/listen to The Thanksgiving Feast/Thanksgiving Slideshow.  The speaker icon will read the selection to you.  You can also have an adult read it with you (they can read the larger words and you can read the trick words and the words that can be tapped).  Then, complete the COMMENT BOX assignment.  There is no book baggie homework tonight.

You can also visit other areas on this site for your enjoyment, but please just use The Thanksgiving Feast for the 3-2-1 assignment. 

COMMENT BOX:  In the comment box, use the 3-2-1 Strategy to review what you learned.  You can (but are not required to) use the online 3-2-1 strategy chart while you are reading (if you open another window) and note your ideas as you read/listen.  On my computer it would NOT save the information I typed in.  If you would like to print out the sheet and bring it in (instead of posting your work in the comment box) that will be fine.  If you CAN save the online strategy, you can email your work to your teacher [ OR]. You may want to write facts down on a scrap paper as you view the slideshow.  Remember to put your name so we know you've done your work.   


Anonymous said...

Blake Cabral
I learned that the pilgrims had built 7 houses 10 months after their arrival. I didn't know that they hunted deer. I didn't know that they ate seafood. I thought it was interesting that they shot targets with their guns. Another thing that I thought that was interestingwas that they ate seafood. I'd like to know how to play blind man's bluff.

Anonymous said...

Malia Speedy- sent to email address:)

Anonymous said...

Tyler Hissey

I learned that the Pilgrims were not mean. I also learned that the Pilgrims danced. Another thing I learned is the Pilgrims came over on a boat. Something I found interesting is that they ate deer. Another interesting thing is that they might not have eaten turkey. I would still like to know more about the kind of dancing they did.

Anonymous said...

3. I learned that the Pilgrim women cooked the feast. The children pitched in by grinding corn. The Pilgrims had enough food to survive the winter.
2. Venison, or deer meat, was a favorite Wampnoag dish. There is only one written account of the first Thanksgiving, and turkey wasn't mentioned.
1. Why did the children pitch in?


Anonymous said...

Chloe Says:
What I learned:
1) At the first Thanksgiving the main course was likely duck or deer.
2) The women roasted the ducks over the fire.
3) The Pilgrims barely survived the first winter.

What I found interesting:
1) It was interesting that there were no mashed potatoes at the first Thanksgiving.
2) It was interesting that the kids ground the corn to make cornmeal.

What I'd like to know more about:
1) I'd like to know more about how the pilgrims built their houses and buildings.

Anonymous said...

3. The feast was for a week long. They ate ducks as the main course.
Venison was their favorite feast.

2. The pilgrims ground the corn into a porridge.
They played the pin game.

1. How many Indians were there when they met?

Lily Ratliff

Anonymous said...

Maleia Quidley

The Thanksgiving Feast

1. I discovered the pilgrims barely got any air only when they dumped their chambr pots.
2. The pilgrims got seasick during the storm and when they were not seasick they were mostly bored.
3. There were 102 pilgrims on the Mayflower.
1. It was intersting to know that the helmsman could not see while he was steering the ship.
2. The Mayflower was powered by wind sort of like a kite.
My question is: Did they ever have duzrt?

Anonymous said...

They danced and they shot guns. They hunted ducks. They played a game with a pin. 2-The pilgrims and the Wapanog danced together. The Wapanog had to build their own house. 1-How did the indians build the house?
Gavin Thompson

Anonymous said...

Ansley Thompson
3-They had to shoot at targets. They had to ride on a ship. They ate ducks. 2-They built the little small tents. They had to hunt for their prey. 1-Did they bathrooms in the houses?

Kristin said...

Another great job, first graders!!!