Tuesday, November 22, 2011

HOMEWORK 11-22-11

We are still working on recalling facts from expository text (non-fiction).  Please read the Kind News magazine in your child's homework folder with your child and complete a 3-2-1 chart using this material.  This publication is available to us due to the generosity of the Dare County Animal Shelter of the Outer Banks.  Please consider sending them a thank you note.  :-)
You can refer to last weeks homework for instructions on how to complete this type of chart.  

COMMENT BOX:  In the comment box, use the 3-2-1 Strategy to review what you learned.  You can (but are not required to) use the online 3-2-1 strategy chart while you are reading (if you open another window) and note your ideas as you read/listen.  On my computer it would NOT save the information I typed in.  If you would like to print out the sheet and bring it in (instead of posting your work in the comment box) that will be fine.  If you CAN save the online strategy, you can email your work to your teacher [graykr@daretolearn.org OR keeli@daretolearn.org]. Remember to put your name so we know you've done your work.  


Anonymous said...

Blake Cabral -
I discovered that some dogs can get mixed up by their family. I learned that birds eat nuts. Also, birds eat butter.

One thing that I thought was interesting was some dogs can be mixed up. Another thing was that birds eat peanuts.

Why did people mix up photos to make one dog?

Anonymous said...

3 When dogs are a different family and they look different. If the father is a beagle and the mother is a poodle then the little dogs and the dad and mom they look different. An orange bowl can make a bird feeder.
2 Dogs can have different different fur and paws. Opossums have a pouch.
1 Why are dogs different?
Gavin Thompson

Anonymous said...

3 Dogs can have different ears. You have to make sure the water for the birds does not freeze. Hang a cat toy on a piece of rope.
2-The dog in the picture has two different color eyes. The opossum had a pouch with babies in it.
1 Do opossums eat rats?

Anonymous said...

1. Keeping cats indoors keeps them safe. It also keeps birds and other small animals safe from the cats. Cats can hunt safely indoors without hurting anybody.
2. Mutts make great pets. Some birds like to eat on the ground.
3. I would like to learn how cats can hunt safely indoors. I'd also like to learn why keeping cats inside keeps them safe.


Anonymous said...

Title: An Opossum's Secret
By: Cape Wildlife Center

3 Things I Learned:
1. The opossum had been hit by a car.
2. The opossum was a girl.
3. She had five babies, called joeys, in her pouch.

2 Things I Found Interesting:
1. A doctor who takes care of animals is called a veterinarian.
2. Opossums should look both ways before crossing the road.

1 Question I'd Like To Know:
What time of day was the opossum hit?

Lily Ratliff

Anonymous said...

Maleia Quidley

I learned that cats like to hunt. It is also important to keep pets safe. Pets should be fed and given water every day to keep them healthy. It was intresting that there are mixed breed dogs. It was also interesting that purebred dogs look just like their parents.
If pets get run over are they still going to have babies?

Anonymous said...


I learned that I hope Opossum's learned to look both ways before crossing the road.
I learned that bird feeders need food for a couple of days. I learned birds like to drink water.

It is interesting that Opossum got hit by a car and that the silly dog is not real.

I would like to learn more about poodles and their fluffy tails.