Saturday, November 05, 2011

Sight Word Bingo

Considering the weather is a bit nasty, I thought I would post today so the students would have something fun and educational to do.

Sight Word Bingo is a fun way to practice sight words. As stated on the site, "Sight Words are words that are recognized immediately (on sight) without phonetically decoding or sounding out parts."  Knowing these words helps students read fluently and allows them to comprehend what they are reading.  When these words are recognized automatically, it give the brain "more room" to process the meaning of the text.

The words in this game do not exactly match the list of Trick Words we use in class.  The list of Trick Words is inspired by our phonics program and the students themselves.  When the first grade teachers notice a word that the students need for successful reading and writing, we add it to our list.  Sight Word Bingo uses the Dolch Word List.  According to the game site, "The Dolch Word List is a list of English sight words by Edward William Dolch, PhD. The list is comprised of 220 words grouped by level, and includes pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, verbs and nouns."

Begin with the pre-primer level.  If your child is successful with that level, move to the next.  Daily practice with this game should improve your child's reading skills.  Have fun playing Sight Word Bingo!

Another fun rainy...or should I say site is Storyline Online.  The Screen Actor's Guild Foundation maintains this site.  Popular children's stories are read aloud by members of the Screen Actor's Guild.  The books change periodically.  At the moment, two of our recent class reads are on there:  Rainbow Fish and Stellaluna.  Listen and read along with the actors.  For a class bonus, complete one of the Related Activities that goes along with the story you read.  You can either do it on paper or submit it to the COMMENT BOX. 

Check back periodically, I may add some more activities.  

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the rainbow fish wouldn't give any of his shiny scales away to the little blue fish, who then told all of his friends. 'who do you think you are?' then he went and saw the octopus who told him to give them away. so then the rainbow fish gave his shiny scales away to the others and soon all the fish were around him and wanted to play.